2011 to 2015 Works:
Sugihara Chiune Feature shot in Poland for 2.5 months. Director Cellin Gluck. Dialogue coach for entire cast both Polish and Japanese actors. Regularly re-wrote lines with director and actors. Cast includes: Koyuki, Toshiaki Karasawa, Borys Szyc, Agnieszka Grochowska, Cezary Lukaszewicz, Gaku Hamada.

Kainan 1890 Feature shot in Japan and Turkey. English dialect coach for entire cast both Turkish and Japanese actors including: Shiori Kutsuna, Seiyo Uchino and Kenan Ece.
Vancouver Asahi Japanese feature. Dialogue coach for entire Japanese cast: Satoshi Tsumabuki, Kazuya Kamenashi, Mitsuki Takahata.
Sake Bomb US feature. Dialogue coach for lead Japanese actor: Gaku Hamada.
Andarushia: Megami no houfuku Japan feature. Dialogue coach for lead actors: Hideaki Ito, Yuji Oda.

2009/2010 Work: Dialogue Coach for Tadanobu Asano in the Marvel Comics feature THOR directed by Kenneth Branagh . Prepared the actor for his auditions. Worked with him from prepro to rehearsals in LA to 4 month shoots in LA and Santa Fe. Was also his on-set interpreter/assistant. The films stars: Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman, Ray Stevens, Joshua Dallas.

2009 Work: Dialogue Coach for the entire cast of TALK LIKE SINGING a musical performed half in English on off broadway as well as a long run in Japan. Talk Like Singing represents an incredible collaborative effort with direction, script and lyrics by the talented Koki Mitani (one of the most successful filmmakers in Japan Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald and The Magic Hour) , composition and music direction by Yasuharu Konishi (Pizzicato Five), and lead performance role performed by Shingo Katori (SMAP). Starring: Katori Shingo, Jay Kabira, Keiko Horiuchi and Shinya Niiro.

Previous Work: Assistant Dialogue Coach for SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO (dir. Takashi Miike). Worked with actors for one month before Nadia Venesse, Hollywood dialogue coach arrived. Was dialogue coach for Quentin Tarantion as well. Also interpreter for Nadia when working with all actors. Other Work includes:

  • Into the Sun ('05) (dialogue coach) For Chiaki Kuriyama (the high school girl uniformed girl Go Go Yubari in KILL BILL as well as Takao Osawa
  • Kinkyu yobidashi - Emergency Call ('95) dialogue coach for Hiroyuki Sanada (LAST SAMURAI, tv series LOST) in his first English language film
  • God’s Puzzle (dir. Takashi Miike) dialogue coach
  • "Masters of Horror"Imprint (on-set interpreter for dialogue coach)
  • For Tsuyoshi Kusanagi for auditioning for Martin Scorsese’s SILENCE. This role has still yet to be cast after seeing 200 actors. Kusanagi, who does not speak a word of conversational English, made the cut to the final round of two actors.
  • For Shiina Eihi (star of Miike's AUDITION) auditioning for MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA.
  • Solntse ('05) director Aleksandr Sokurov dialogue coach for Shirô Sano