1st Unit Director The Fall of Fujimori 2005 Sundance Film Festival Music Video Line Producer El Presidente /Turn This Thing Around



BALANCE RESFEST JAPAN 2001official entryONEDOTZERO JAPAN DIR: Christian Storms, Soo-Jun Bae. Budget: 2000$

DVD Director/Editor of Interview series with Japanese film directors from the 70s. Released on DVD from the American Cinematheque. Koji Wakamatsu: GO, GO SECOND TIME VIRGIN and ECSTASY OF THE ANGELS (50 min.) Shot in a Tokyo reggae bar.Yasuharu Hasebe: BLACK TIGHT KILLERS (22 min.). Shot in my local, old time video store. A forgotten legend lost amongst the 'product'. Fukusaku Kinji: IF YOU WERE YOUNG, RAGE, BLACKMAIL IS MY LIFE. Shot two months before his passing. Budget: 500$ each

MUSIC VIDEO Aussie DJ JET MORE Tokyo Tour Video. Cyberdelica funky disco. Layered video of indoor and outdoor raves. Masses of Japanese kids on acid. Bladerunner street scenes and backstage at Liquid Room. Budget: beer

Saul Williams and Tokyo Free Verse Poets Live Event and interview for the release of SLAM. Budget: free entry to event

CM Voice Actor Director and Subtitling for English versions of Japanese television CMs for submission to international contests like the Cannes Film Festival and the CLIO Awards.
CM planner for Japanese ad agencies writing original scripts and storyboards.
COMPUTER GAMES Voice Actor Director for Japanese and English version of SonyPlaystation2 games.

Christian is a seasoned director/actor primed to make his first feature film.

me I've evolved beyond the realm of my homeland. In my absence, I've have been freed from the dailies. Not only do I not care about the latest gossip in town, I am unaware of it. Indifference is even more detestable than hatred according to some. I'm willing to make that sacrifice. But sometimes I say to myself , " Motherfucker. Am I gonna end up like Bill Bixby?! "

An avid reader of the Japanese press and manga, Chris not only bilingual but bicultural. With over 15 years of experience in Japan, his sans terre to directing has had many stops along the way as a creative in manga, animation, film, television and computer games. Chris started as a producer and story developer then moved into directing and acting and continues to study acting and translate. While Chris has extensive experience in production from serving as production manager/location coordinator on top documentaries shot in Japan with overseas directors and crews, his bailiwick is working with actors. He considers himself an actor's director and is interested in character pieces and comedies. He would like to do for Tokyo what Woody Allen has done for Manhattan. In his free time, Chris searches for a Post-It note - mind the trademark - to the third eye of inspiration surfing the breaks of Japan and Bali.

Christian is a television and voice actor director primed to make his first feature film.

Writer/Director of makeable ($30,000 to $250,000) character pieces and comedies set in Tokyo making use of creative talent from both Tokyo and the US/Australia.

DOCUMENTARY: The Ultimate Recusant. Koji Wakamatsu (born in 1936) is Japan's most notorious underground filmmaker, a combination of Godard, Gregg Araki, and Jesus Franco. Producer of Oshima's IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES. Banned from travel to the US for his documentary about the PLO shot in 1973. The power of the student demonstrations in 1970 Japan set against the decadence of today's pop culture. Interviews and film footage - Dir. Wakamatsu has made all the films available to me - mixed in the present day locations.

DOCUMENTARY: Otakus on Otakus. Japanese Creators, their works and methods shaping the 21st Century dives into the world of Japan's otaku and pop culture and exposes the artists' works and creative process in a behind-the-scenes, making-off format through interviews with creators from various forms of media and entertainment.


Among the organizations and individuals for whom Christian has served as director, communicator and conduit over the last 15 years are: film directors Takashi Miike, Edward Yang, Ishii Sogo and Lloyd Kaufman, film distributors/producers Asmik-Ace, Nippon Herald, Bitters End, Tohokushinsha, broadcasters Wowow, Sport Asia, Fuji, NHK, TV Tokyo, Yomiuri TV, Channel 7 Sydney, BBC Radio, animation producers Southern Star Entertainment and Alexander Entertainment, game makers Sony Computer Entertainment, Nintendo manga publishers/publishers Kodansha, Graphicsha, advertising companies Tugboat, Dentsu Tec, Hakuhodo internet content providers Tokyopop.com, Linc Media, Web Connection, the Tokyo International Film Festival and U2 (yes! the band).