Credits Include:
  • RE:MIND (2010) Sony Ericson Smart Phone Movie. Played THE FATHER.
  • Sukiyaki Western Django (2007) Preacher. Director Miike Takashi's "sushi" western. Also starring Quentin Tarantino.
  • Tôku no sora ni kieta (2007) Rock-n-roll Preacher. Dir. Isao Yukisada
  • NAGURIMONO. actor 3rd lead. British bad guy Vincent who betrays all his partners and wins and lives in the end. And has a love scene with top Japanese actress. All lines in Japanese.
  • JUSTICE directed by Isao Yukisada (GO), actor 2nd lead.
  • SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY directed by Isao Yukisada.
  • VIBRATOR directed by Akira Yamamoto. 2nd lead. The gun maniac next door.
  • Imprinting: The Making of 'Imprint' (2006) (V) .... Himself
  • Dialogue Coach THOR Tadanobu Asano. Sukiyaki Western Django All actors. Hiroyuki Sanada (EMERGENCY CALL first English film before LAST SAMURAI), Chiaki Kuriyama (who played Go Go Yubari in KILL BILL) and Osawa Takao for INTO THE SUN - Steven Segal film, as well as other Japanese actors.
  • Actor/Extra. A ONE AND A TWO, Dir. Edward Yang. Cannes Film Festival Director's Award (2000).
  • Voice Actor English voice of the sports announcer a la Howard Cosell for the DVD Ski Jump Pairs which has sold over 100,000 copies. Firefighter F.D.18 the bad guy Jason Hunt, POINIE'S POIN (PlayStation 2), Aspiring Designers, JJ Mama (Fuji TV).
  • Actor. THE MIRROR. Short film dir. Otoya Kimura. Paris Film Festival.
  • Actor, DirecTV promotion video and three 30 second TV spots.
  • TV Showhost . Movie Shootout. Daily information show. 1 year run.
  • TBS NEIGHBORLY 5 minute info show focusing on creative people. The segment featured my directing work.
  • Actor. Tsuiseki Pursuit (TV Asahi), Hajimeyo Eikaiwa (NHK)
  • Interviewer onedottv_global (Channel 4, UK), headf***k (Sci-fi Channel), Cinema Do (TV Tokyo) played with legos and interviewed Michel Gondry.
  • Interviewer Channel 5 UK, Whatever Turns You On. three-part series exploring the nature of sexual behaviour. This landmark series is written and presented by award-winning writer and broadcaster David Aaronovitch Interviewee Manga expert.
  • Film Festivals: RESFEST Japan 2001Panel Moderator: Japanese and US creatives
    ONEDOTZERO TV UK television. Interviewer in Japanese for Japanese visual directors.

    ONEDOTZERO JAPAN Special Guest. Screened my short film BALANCE. Short Short Film Festival 2002(Sapporo) Guest Speaker

  • Narrator television commericals for Goi Peace Foundation (shown on CNN 40 times), Suntory Dakara, Suntory Boss 7, Calorie Mate Stick, Shiseido, Hitachi GA!Z, Java Tea, DVDs for the American Cinemateque, NHK Radio, Chuotosho Publishing
  • Japanese Native level speaker certification

MEDIA INTERVIEWS The Foreigner who Makes Japanese Films Interesting / PICKED UP Film Magazine NHK Radio article Yahoo Vodafone Interview Director's Magazine


Actor Training

  • United Performers' Studio T3 total film/theater training program for television/film/theater teaching METHOD acting studying 18 hours a week. WORK: Voice Training, Sensory, Activity, Relaxation, Repetition, Personal Item, Improve, Tai-Chi, Mime, etc. Teachers include: Yoko Narahashi (associate producer THE LAST SAMURAI, MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA), Takanori Kikuchi (Sanford Meisner Neighborhood Player) Director/Actor Scene Study Class taught by Takanori Kikuchi . Played the role of Crash Davis in BULL DURHAM. Teacher: 6/99 - 7/99 Scene Study Class taught by Fujiwara Toshizo. Played the male lead in Chechov's THE BEAR. 3/00 - 4/00 Scene Study Class taught by Narahashi Yoko. Played the Woody Allen role in PLAY IT AGAIN SAM. 5/00 - 6/00 Scene Study Class taught by Fujiwara Toshizo. Played Forrest Gump in FORREST GUMP. 1/01 - 3/01
  • Scene Study Class HEDY SONTAG (Lee Strasberg Institute Los Angles teacher/ New York Actor's Studio member) 10/02 - 10/02 Method workshop. Played Joe in TIME OF YOUR LIFE by William Saroyan. 11/03 - 12/03 Method workshop. Played Semyon Medvedenko in opening scene of Chehov's THE SEAGULL opposite Masha.