film/tv/animation scripts, subtitles, and novels:
FILM SCRIPTS (in English)
13 ASSASSINS Dir: Miike Takashi.
IMPRINT Dir: Miike Takashi. Master of Horrors (Showtime).
SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO Miike's "sushi" Western all in English with Quentin Tarantino. Venice Film Festival.
SHIELD OF STRAW Dir: Miike Takashi.

WILD 7 Dir: Eiichiro Hasumi.
13 ASSASSINS Dir: Miike Takashi.
FOR LOVE'S SAKE Dir: Miike Takashi. Cannes Film Festival.
ACE ATTORNEY Dir: Miike Takashi.
SHIELD OF STRAW Dir: Miike Takashi. Cannes Film Festival.
WILD 7 Dir: Eiichiro Hasumi.
KONSHIN Dir: Yoshinari Nishikori
ZEBRAMAN 2 Dir: Miike Takashi Cast: Show Aikawa
GOZU Dir: Miike Takashi
ZEBRAMAN Dir: Miike Takashi Cast: Show Aikawa - 100th starring role
Big Bang Love, Juvenile A Dir: Miike Takashi
PARADE Dir: Isao Yukisada
GOD'S PUZZLE Dir: Miike Takashi
MAIKO HAAAAN!!! Dir: Nobuo Mizuta Writer: Kankurô Kudô
HEAVEN'S DOOR Dir: Michael Arias
ďarai ni mo hoshi wa furu nari
TAITEI NO KEN Dir: Yukihiko Tsutsumi
MAMIYA KYODAI Dir: Yoshimitsu Morita
Yaji X Kita Kankuro Kudo's directorial debut
EKUSUTE Dir: Shion Sono
TEKKON KINKURITO Dir: Michael Arias. One of the Ten Most Underrated Films of the Decade according to THE GUARDIAN.
SCHOOL DAYS Dir: Keitarou Motonaga
MIND GAME Director Masaaki Yuasa's debut animation feature
KOI NO MON (aka Otaku's in Love)
KARAS Tatsunoko Pro's (GATCHMAN, etc) 40th Anniversary animation feature
69 Dir: Lee Sang-Il, based on Murakami Ryu's book
SURVIVE STYLE 5 Starring Asano Tadanobu, Vinnie Jones.
TAMALA 2010: A Punk Cat in Space - Jury Prize for Best Animated Feature Film and Public's Prize for Best Animated Feature at Fantasia Film Festival, Canada.
BAKUHA.COM film festival featuring the works of Japan's hottest directors
Rock n' Roll Machine Dir: Isao Yukisada
Kewaishi (Makeup Artist)
SOUTH PARK: The Movie subtitle translation supervision. SOUTH PARK TV Series Translation Supervisor for the dubbed version for Japanese TV episodes 1 to 31.
SHREK -subtitle translation supervisor. 8 MILE, TEAM AMERICA
GEORGE CARLIN, Live From the Beacon Theatre (subtitle script).
WAVE TWISTERS the animated film from DJ QBert's "Wave Twisters" album.
What's Up Fatlip (Spike Jonze)
Home Movies translator for the dubbed version for TV on Cartoon Network.

CDs creator/artist interviews VISION'D VOICE featuring people like Naoto Fukasawa, Monkey Punch, Takashi Murakami, Masahiro Mori.
GAMEs PS2 POINIE'S POIN, MetalWolf Chaos, Bravo Music 3: script translation, voice actor director. XBOX MAXIMUM CHASE co-screenwriter, on set AD for live action filming. SEGA Phantasy Star Online.
CMs translation for subtitled and dubbed as well as voice actor director for English versions of over 60 Japanese television CMs for submission to international contests like the Cannes Film Festival.
TV SUPER MILK CHAN Hideyuki Tanaka's answer to South Park. JJ MAMA script translation/voice acting for BS Fuji's home drama. ASPIRING DESIGNERS script translation for subs and dubs for FUJI TV's popular variety show. AVATAR YUI - episodes 1/2/3 NHK animation series.
OTHER FILM SCRIPTS Translation of over 100 scripts for manga, animation, games, film and television. SURVIVE STYLE 5 Cast: Asano Tadanobu, Vinnie Jones. CUTIE HONEY, TENSHI NO KIBA, THE FIFTH ARTICLE - A Spirit War Diary Awarded Best Script at the '98 Pusan Film Festival. LOOP the third film in the RING series. PING PONG A Manga Masterpiece Turned Feature Film with "Titanic" Visual Effects from Taiyo Matsumoto. ODDBODY (script) Writer Greg Grias for ShorelinePictures.

Nirasawa Yasushi

Japan's King Creature Designer (MIB,etc.) Yasushi Nirasawa's latest collection of works Background info and idea sources, plus a 6 hour interview with another king - Hajime Sorayama - and their thoughts on their work, eroticism, majors vs. minors, etc!
How to Draw Manga - Volumes 2 to 8

manga book

'95-'98 Kodansha Publishing:Manga & Movie Original Story Competition Translator/Editor/Producer over 64 manga/film scripts, treatments, project proposals for development into feature films in the U.S. and manga in Japan, writer and development contracts and correspondence outside of Japan. Interpreter at development meetings with script analysts from Paramount, Disney, Touchstone, producers, indie writer/directors and Japanese manga editors, film writers, directors and producers.
'98-'96 Tokyo International Film Festival Translator / Editor Contracted by Toho Advertising to oversee translation of the 200 page official festival program. Translations included: jury profiles, director profiles and commentary for films in various categories.


DVDs Paul McCartney, Driving Japan Tour, interpreted for the filming crew, concert footage, behind the scenes, fan interviews, Tokyo and Osaka for locations for Mark Haefli Productions. Animatrix series of eight Anime films that will complement the Matrix trilogy for Eric Matthies Productions.The Animatrix films are directed by the top Anime artisits in the world many of whom are Japanese. Interpretor for interviews with the directors, as well as animation and manga related interviews highlighting the creative process of bringing these stories to life and exploring the culture of Anime and manga.

TV PROGRAMS Planet Soccer Associate Producer/Location Coordinator-Fixer/Interpreter for a one-hour doco, produced by Becker Entertainment for the Discovery Network. OA May 25, 2001 on every Discovery Network, giving it a potential audience of 1.2 billion viewers world-wide. The program is hosted by Ian Wright (presenter of the highly-successful Lonely Planet travel series) and shot with a British crew and director. It is a personal journey through Japan looking at the country and culture through the prism of soccer. Whatever Turns You On, Associate Producer/Location Coordinator-Fixer/Interpreter for UK Channel 5. Series exploring the nature of, and different cultural attitudes towards, sexual behaviour, written and presented by award-winning writer and broadcaster David Aaronovitch. Japanese footage includes: ladies comic artist Sakamoto Mimei, film director Ryuichi Hiroki, soapland worker, University Professor Koyano Atsushi, manga/Japanese culture afficionado Christian Storms.

ONEDOTZERO 'onedottv_global' for UK Broadcaster (Channel Four) Japanese creator series interviewer/production interpreter. A week long shoot interviewing ten of the top Japanese creators of digital moving image from Tanaka Noriyuki to Stereotype Produkts Co. Ltd., teevee graphics, INC., Groovisions, John and Jane Doe Inc. Drawing and Manual. TV Tokyo Cinema Do (Michel Gondry dir. HUMAN NATURE and numerous video clips for Bjork) Channel 4 UK (Tokyo Film Festival), Sci-Fi Channel (Head F**k, Oshi Maoru dir. GHOST IN THE SHELL). THE EXTREMISTS, US Cable. Interviews with karate, sumo, shootboxing, kendo masters. Seven-Network Australia Pan Pacific Swimming Games 2002, Channel 4 UK: England at War, World Cup doco TV COMMERCIALS: Honda, Visine, etc.

CREATOR WORKSHOPS ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) Star Wars: Episode 2 CG animation creators workshop in Sapporo. Interpreter for Wilson Tang (Visual Effects Supervisor - AI, Episode 2) and Leslie Fulton (Technical and Lead animator) covering the inner-workings of ILM, current/future technology, story and performances differences in the Star Wars episodes among creatures, etc.

THE DESIGNERS REPUBLIC from album cover to music videos for some of the UK's top artists including Underworld. Interpreter for Republic founder Ian Anderson's workshop at RESFEST 2000 in Tokyo.

HEDY SONTAG (Lee Stasburg Institute Los Angles teacher/ New York Actor's Studio member): ACTING WORKSHOP in Tokyo. Interpreter.

FILM FESTIVALS ONEDOTZERO Sapporo 2001(Hammer and Tongs music video director Fat Boy Slim (Right Here, Right Now, BLUR, REM (Rhythm of Life) etc., Mark Neil director of William Gibson doco No Maps For These Territories, Sapporo 2002 (Animator Run Wrake, Imagemaker Andy Martin, Statedesign). Creator panel discussion interpreter.

RESFEST 2000 Moderator/Interpreter for "The Future of Filmmaking" panel discussion at Tokyo's REZ. Panelists included: Hideyuki Tanaka, Ichiro Tanida, and Takeshi Nakamura, as well as, San Francisco directors Eric Henry and Syd Garon (animated film Wave Twisters), actor/producer Fisher Stevens (Sam The Man) and festival director Jonathan Wells.

Director Edward Yang. Taiwan's leading director. Location Hunt/Preproduction Meeting Interpreter for A ONE AND A TWO. The film won the Director's Award at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival.

MAXIMUM CHASE. X-BOX computer game live action and blue screen shoot. On-set interpreter and story screenwriter.

Film and Media Laboratory (Hollywood Business Formula)

  • Interpreter for a 10 day intensive Hollywood directing course taught by Mark Travis, award winning director and frequent teacher at The Director`s Guild, American Film Institute, and UCLA. The course comes from his book THE DIRECTOR`S JOURNEY: Creative Collaboration Between Directors, Writers and Actors. Includes: formulating the vision, the director and the script, working with writers, script breakdown, putting the creative team together,casting,rehearsal,staging,storyboarding/video story boarding, and production/post production.
  • Interpreter for Eight Day Story Analysis and Evaluation taught by UCLA extension professor. Course answers the questions 1) what a story analyst does? 2) how does the Hollywood system work? focusing on structure, coverage, premise, plot and characterization, dialogue, action vehicles, low budget - high concept, comedy through use of video clips and scripts.